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Market Leader with a Vision for 
Future Opportunities

Anyone searching for a long-term, high-quality solution for an interior window blind will soon come across Cosiflor pleated blinds, masters in the relationship between light and shade. They are especially popular for conservatories and rooms where windows are difficult to access as there are various oparating possibilities and they are very easy to clean.

A Large Range of Options

The strongest point of the 20mm pleated system is its flexibility. Round, half-round, angled windows, drawn from top to bottom or from bottom to top – Cosiflor pleated blinds offer a suitable solution for every conceivable window layout.

The different qualities of fabric control the amount of light entering a room and provide a level of transparency according to taste. The filtering of light entering provides a constant source of pleasure and is significantly influenced by the choice of fabric: dim out, translucent or transparent; colourful, harmonious or textured – whatever takes your fancy.

Intelligent Installation

There are a variety of installation options available for customers of made-to-measure pleated systems. A very popular and unobtrusive location for Cosiflor pleated blinds is in the window beading.  Mounting on the window frame, on the beading of the window bar or with bracket holders are other options – it‘s up to the customer.